Back-end Developer (Django)

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Back-end Developer (Django)

We're looking for an experienced Django Back-end Developer to help take the platform to the next level.


We're confident in stating that we've been the best PR tool out there for the last 5 years. And we have the happy customers to prove it. Ironically often we hear they've come from tools ten times as expensive with half the desired results.

To ensure that we will continue to be the best tool; we need you.

You will help us take the product to the next level by improving our product experience, expanding our feature set, professionalizing our infrastructure, but you'll also work on optimizing and automating business processes.

Your input and experience with regards to anything is just as valuable as anyone else. We're a very close-knit and dedicated team that always decides together what our next steps will be. The team is an environment where you can learn a lot from us, and where we can learn a lot from you.

What you'll be doing

You will be working in the product team to roll out new product features, improve our existing products, and implement processes to optimize the way we work. The platform consists of various applications, APIs and, microservices, written in multiple languages, so you'll never be working on the same thing for too long.

  • Together with the team, plan our roadmap and estimate projects.
  • Scope-out and build new features or product improvements.
  • Writing unit tests and reviewing pull requests of your colleagues.

  • Troubleshooting live issues or providing technical support to customers.
  • Maintaining and scaling the platform.
  • Be involved in fun marketing projects, like our OnBrand Gameshow.

Your impact

Our customers are all brands that are leading the way on how corporations communicate with their audience. Leaving the old way of PR and spin behind them and making place for transparency and communicating from a clear purpose. 

Your work will directly improve the working day of the thousands of people using to do their job, but also the reporters our customers communicate with, and the people engaging with our customers' newsrooms.

What we're looking for

We're looking for an experienced Django dev that takes responsibility and ownership for his/her work. As we're a small but fast-moving startup you should be comfortable with context-switching and working on all types of projects, whatever the situation calls for.

You understand the balance between writing beautiful code and getting things done, we have quality high up on our priority list but we're also building a business. We value a pro-active attitude where you are always looking for things to improve, wether it's the way we work or how we have set up our test suite.

  • You have 3+ years experience working with Single-Page Applications, building APIs and Apps in Django or an equivalent MVC framework.
  • You have experience in building and scaling a distributed platform and are comfortable working on both back end and DevOps projects.
  • You have a strong opinion on what is necessary to build and maintain scalable but maintainable system architectures.
  • You have a solid understanding of UX design patterns, software design principles and system architecture methodologies.
  • You are either already living in the Netherlands or willing to move here, this is a non-remote working position.
  • Experience with Amazon AWS is very much appreciated.
  • Experience with Vue.js or React is not necessary but would be great 👍👍

Meet the stack

The platform has been built on Vue.js, React, Ruby on Rails, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and ElasticSearch. All hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using various distributed applications, internal and external APIs and a couple of microservices to abstract aways certain functionalities.

There are two distinct parts to
  • Software as a Service platform: a workflow tool where our customers log in and do their daily work. This is built using Vue.js, React, Ruby on Rails, Django, Redis, ElasticSearch, and MySQL.
  • Machine learning engine: an intelligence platform that we've built to provide our customers with valuable information how to do their communications. This is built on Django, Redis, and ElasticSearch.

Of course, none of these technologies are set in stone and we'll need your expert opinion to choose which setup is best for the platform in the future.


Most of our front end is built with Vue.js

Ruby on Rails

Most of the back end is built with Rails


Some of our APIs are built with Django


Good ol' MySQL powers most of our databases


Our CRM's been powered by ElasticSearch

Amazon AWS

All of our hosting is on Amazon AWS

Meet the team

We're an ambitious close-knit group of talented people, working hard to change the world of corporate communications. Besides the office we also spend a lot time together on boat trips, company retreats, festivals, and conferences. 

We are a young company so a lot of the things we do are new, which means we learn a lot every day. Because we're a small team, you get a lot of responsibility and therefore have the freedom to work on what you think is right.

We work from the TQ office in the heart of Amsterdam, a beautiful place with a tight community of other ambitious companies. Relax at the ping pong or Foosball table, play a game of badminton or enjoy the view on the roof terrace overlooking the Munt. There's also plenty of free events being held, the awesome club area to work from, and drinks every Friday.

Stefan Fountain


Jeroen Bos


Sjors Mahler

Sales Director

Padraig McKee

Head of Design

Nick Dowse

Software Engineer

Parham Saidi

 Software Engineer

Menno Wildeboer

Software Engineer

To close off...

Just to give you a little sneak preview of the products we're building at, here's a video of a product we've launched recently. We are very opinionated on what it means to build a great product, to really solve customer problems, and to market it accordingly.

Sounds like this job was made for you?

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