Join the team

We're a small team dedicated to automating PR for global brands like Heineken, WeTransfer, Shimano, and many more. Help us create and market the software tools that bring PR & communications professionals into the modern age.

Our values

We operate as a tightly knit team, with a set of unifying values in common in order to kick-ass:

  1. Create impact for our customers
  2. Shared commitment to winning 
  3. Find the truth in the facts
  4. Have fun, be kind
  5. Hone your craftsmanship to win

Why join

We build, engineer, learn, create, have fun, drink flat-whites and ship daily. 

If you want to work in a tight, slightly crazy, and above all motivated team. Does that sounds like a place where you could develop and be happy?

Please check the positions above and if you can see yourself joining us, please apply!

Brands using

Our customers are all brands that are leading the way on how corporations communicate with their audience. Leaving the old way of PR and spin behind them and making place for transparency and communicating from a clear purpose.